Launch Conference at the Pacific Community in Nouméa, 7 May

May 28, 2024 11:00 PM

#LaunchConference 📸 A big thank you to everyone who attended our launch conference, whether in person or online! We’re excited that the Pacific Dataviz Challenge is officially launched, and we look forward to seeing your data visualisations on the theme of gender (in)equality.

Thanks to the Pacific Community-SPC for providing their conference hall, and to all our partners for their valuable collaboration. A special thank you to our speakers, Dr Stuart Minchin, Director General of SPC, and Mr. Vaimu'a MULIAVA, Member of the New Caledonian Government, for their insightful contributions. Thank you also to our organisers, represented by Léo Cann-polydor, data analyst at SPC, and Houy-Sy Thao, data manager at the New Caledonian Government. They hosted our conference and were the main organisers of this challenge. We also want to thank all the teams who worked behind the scenes and whose work often goes unnoticed.

Stay tuned to our social media channels to follow every step of the competition.

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